Foreign Policy

               I believe in the need for a strong national defense and strong diplomatic relations with other countries. Free and open trade with all nations will lead to prosperity and peace. Our current foreign policy, consisting of aggressive military action and buying allegiance through foreign aid hurts Americans financial and makes us less safe.

Military Actions and Spending

Over $XXBillion annually is spent on the military industrial complex, and amounts to as much as the next X countries combined. The US should disengage in all current foreign entanglements and reduce the military to a size sufficient to provide adequate defense.

Estimated annual savings to tax payers: $XX Billion


Foreign Aid

We also spend over $XX Billion annually on foreign aid to various countries. One program spends $XXmillion of US tax dollars to provide clean drinking water to XXX, yet the people of Flint, MI still do not have clean drinking water. With the current state of our federal deficit, aid to foreign countries needs to cease immediately.

Estimated annual savings to tax payers: $XX Billion