Official Campaign Platform

"As a Libertarian, I believe in self-ownership, the free-market, and oppose the initiation of force against others. These deeply held beliefs inform both my choices and my policy positions. They are also my aspirations for myself, my family, and our country.  

In order to move forward in these beliefs we must remember that while our ideology is our core, we must also be practical and reasonable in their implementation.  We as a nation have a long way to go before realizing the benefits of Libertarian ideals. We can and must grow the Liberty movement, because only together can the citizens of this country take back the liberties that have been stolen from each of us.  

We as a people must admit that the many laws, regulations, and policies established over the years in an effort to "promote social welfare" have failed in their stated purpose.  Those laws and regulations now represent the greatest threat to our natural rights, and must be repealed. 
Abroad, we must change how we engage the rest of the world, leading by example, not force of arms.  Our Founders established a nation by overthrowing the largest empire in the world. Despite this noble origin the United States of America has now come to occupy the same terrible role. Imperialism was not the intent of our founders nor is it the desire of the majority of Americans. 

As your President, I will focus on protecting and restoring the civil rights of all people, repealing laws that impose oppressive taxes and include wasteful spending, while opposing new ones, and fight for a non-interventionist foreign policy.  

I thank you for your support in this truly massive endeavor of creating freedom in our lifetime.”
Primary Issues:
Civil Rights, Taxes & Spending, and Foreign Policy
Civil Rights

Every human being has an equal right to life, liberty, and justly acquired property. These are the foundations that this country was founded upon and these rights are universal to all people. Inherent in these rights, is the right to defend these rights from acts of aggression. Case law supports that Police owe no duty to protect an individual, thus the responsibility for defense of self and family falls to the individual. As an individual has the responsibility for self-protection, governments have no rights to limit the means by which any individual can do so.

Taxes & Spending

As your President I will not sign any bill that includes a tax or any increase in spending. I will use executive orders to eliminate bloated federal bureaucracies and cut wasteful spending. Some specific examples of programs and departments to be cut are:

Eliminate the DEA and end the War on Drugs:

A good example of wasteful spending is the present 40+ year long war on drugs. This executive policy has led to the creation of full federal agencies, increased the size and reach of courts, led to militarization of police forces, and is responsible for the largest per capita incarceration rate in the world. All the while producing no measurable positive impact on drug use or abuse. The DEA should be abolished and enforcement of drug laws should be handled at the local level.

Eliminate the TSA:

Another agency that has proven to be completely ineffective is the TSA. Under the guise of protecting us from terrorism, the federal government has spent billions of dollars in technology and personnel which has yielded absolutely no increase in safety. The TSA has demonstrated a failure rate of over 90% when tested. What it has done is further erode our rights, by compelling citizens to submit to government inspections prior to engaging in a commercial activity. Airport security should be managed and funded by airports.

Eliminate the Department of Education:

This department siphons money from all over the country to prop up a bloated and ineffective bureaucracy in Washington D.C. and then pass back a portion of taxpayer money back to states to fund education. The federal government has proven wholly ineffective at managing education based on the statistical data showing comparisons with other countries around the world. Citizens should have more control over education in their own neighborhoods without having to conform to federal rules in order to have a portion of tax dollars returned.

Foreign Policy

I believe in the need for a strong national defense and stable diplomatic relations with other countries. Free and open trade with all nations will lead to prosperity and peace. Our current foreign policy, consisting of aggressive military action and buying allegiance through foreign aid hurts Americans financially and makes us less safe.


Military Actions and Spending

Billions of dollars are annually spent on the military industrial complex, and amounts to as much as the next several countries combined. The US should disengage in all current foreign entanglements and return our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines home to their families so they can begin to focus on keeping us all safe.

Foreign Aid

We also spend billions of dollars annually on foreign aid to various countries. In fact the US government spends millions of US tax dollars to provide clean drinking water to foreign countries, yet the people of Flint, MI still do not have clean drinking water. With the current state of our federal deficit, aid to foreign countries needs to cease immediately. The savings should be passed on to taxpayers.