Taxes and Spending

                As a Senator I will not support any bill that includes a tax or any increase in spending. I will work to introduce bills to eliminate bloated federal bureaucracies and cut wasteful spending. 

Eliminate the DEA and end the War on Drugs:

A good example of wasteful spending is the present 40+ year long war on drugs. This executive policy has led to the creation of full federal agencies, increased the size and reach of courts, led to militarization of police, and is responsible for the largest per capita incarceration rate in the world. All the while producing no positive impact on drug use or abuse.  

Estimated annual savings to tax payers: $xx Billion


Eliminate the Department of Education:

This department siphons money from all over the country to prop up a bloated and ineffective bureaucracy in Washington D.C. and then pass back a portion of taxpayer money back to states to fund education. The federal government has proven wholly ineffective at managing education based on the statistical data showing comparisons with other countries around the world. Citizens should have more control over education in their own neighborhoods without having to conform to federal rules in order to have a portion of tax dollars returned.

Estimated annual savings to tax payers: $xx Billion


Eliminate the TSA:

Another agency that has proven to be completely ineffective is the TSA. Under the guise of protecting from terrorism, the federal government has spent trillions of dollars in technology and personnel which has yielded absolutely no increase in safety. TSA has demonstrated a failure rate of XX% when tested. What it has done is further erode our rights, by compelling citizens to submit to government inspections prior to engaging in a commercial activity. Airport security should be managed and funded by airports.

Estimated annual savings to tax payers: $xx Billion