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Radio interview on Michigan's Big Show cut short
Interview by: Michael Patrick Shiels


Uh oh, what happens when an interviewer can't control the narrative and is confronted with his own bias? Brian attempts to discuss the discrimination that the homeless face before being cut of abruptly for a commercial break. "Nothing to see here folks."


Radio Interview - Uneditted
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Vice interview and article
By: Jules Suzdaltsev


Vice contacted Brian to conduct a phone interview, leading to this in depth discussions about some of the reasoning behind the "Arm The Homeless" Campaign


Fox 2 TV Interview Regarding Arm The Homeless initiative
By: Randy Wimbley


Fox 2 Detroit to conduct a recorded interview to discuss the "Arm The Homeless Campaign. The story was interesting in it's portrayal and had very limited coverage of Brian, with more coverage of opposing viewpoints. The newscast also misrepresents the quote of Rick Ector, a local gun rights advocate in the Detroit Area. According to Rick, "My quote was not intended to be conditional. The homeless have a right to keep and bear arms - even a CPL. I would like for them not to be homeless but home ownership is not a prerequisite."


Foreign Military Interventionalism; Campaign for Liberty

On February 7, the Oakland County Campaign For Liberty invited Brian to speak about his experience and views on the current US Foreign Military Interventionist policy.


Roadside Drug Testing -Protest

On November 25, the campaign held a protest in Ann Arbor to protest the pilot program recently established for roadside drug testing in 5 Michigan counties.


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